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How to password protect files on windows 10

By default, Microsoft Defender’s built-in antivirus program in Windows 10 scans your PC for real-time threats. You may also want to turn it off occasionally, either temporarily or whether you are using your own antivirus. If you don’t run another antimalware program, you might get malware-infected while this is disabled. Disable this only when you know what you’re doing.

Initially, click the start menu and type Windows Security.” To launch it, press “Enter” or click the “Windows Security” shortcut.

In Windows Security, click in the sidebar on “Virus & Threat Protection” Then pick “Manage Settings.”

How To Turn-OFF Real Time Protection on Windows 10

Locate the “Real-Time Protection” option in “Virus & Threat Protection Settings” and click the “On” switch to toggle it to the “Off” position.

How To Turn-OFF Real Time Protection on Windows 10

Protection has now been turned off in real-time. Also, Windows Security displays a spooky message just above the switch, claiming your device is at risk now. Within a brief amount of time, Windows will simply switch on real-time security again.

How To Turn-OFF Real Time Protection on Windows 10

Disable Windows Security app, and save preferences. If you want to re-enable Real-time Protection, simply revisit the “Virus & Threat Protection Settings” page and flip the switch back to “On.”